Vital statistics
Gender Male
Nationality British
Introduced Chapter 1
Died N/A
Health Healthy
Status Rescued
Location in Book The Island

Character Overview

The Sam and Eric twins are biguns but act like one person together, so they are called "Samneric" in the childish language. They're the first ones to mistake the parachutist for the beast and also they're the last ones to stay with Ralph. Unfortunately, Jack Merridew commands Roger to "grab them", and the twins are made hunters. Ralph pretends to get far away from Castle Rock, but actually he's near. He calls one of the twins and he tells Ralph Jack's plan. He also gives him some meat. But the twins have to tell Jack and Roger that Ralph is around because the savages are known for their brutal tortures. The twins are saved by the naval officer at the end, and they're crying for the lost childhood innocence.

Lord of the Flies: 1963 Movie

In the 1963 film, the twins are portrayed by David and Simon Surtees. In both film adaptations, the boys are played by actual twins. In this version of the story, the twins do not voluntarily leave for Jack's camp as they do in the 1990 film. Instead, they are seized on Jack's orders and forced to become new members of Jack's tribe, leaving them with sympathy for Ralph even after he is alone. The twins are mistreated by Roger, but are unable to do anything about it. Like the other boys, save for Piggy, they are rescued by a shore party sent from the Royal Navy destroyer HMS Troubridge after that warship is drawn by the fire Jack had started to force Ralph out of hiding.

Lord of the Flies: 1990 Movie

In the 1990 film adaptation, the twins are portrayed by Andrew and Edward Taft. They bicker occasionally but are completely inseparable, and side with Jack simultaneously. They are willing to speak to Ralph without giving him away when Ralph comes to the edge of Jack's camp one night, and pretend not to see him during the hunt for Ralph the next day.

Sam and Eric in the 1990 movie, portrayed by Andrew and Edward Taft.

Ralph's allies
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