The conch is the symbol of authority. It was first blown by Ralph, resulting in the gathering of the boys into a group for the first time after landing on the island. In the novel, it is destroyed when it is crushed by the rock that Roger pushes off castle rock along with Piggy (Chapter 11). In the 1963 film, it is lost after it falls into the sea when Piggy is killed under the same circumstances as in the novel. It is never found again and plays no further role in the story. In the 1990 film, Piggy dies the same way as he did in the previous two versions of the story, but the conch falls to the sand and no one picks it up. Jack by that point in the story had long since disregarded the conch, so he most likely had one of his followers get rid of it, possibly by throwing it into the sea. In any case, after Piggy's death the conch is never seen or used again.